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A haven to relax, rejuvenate and achieve complete peace of mind, The Argyle is a luxurious hideaway nestled among the emerald green tea blankets of Sri Lanka’s hill country. The property is generously spread across over 3.1 acres (1.25 hectares) and set upon a hilltop in the renowned city of Hatton, offering magnificent views of the iconic Adam’s Peak in the distance.

Benefitting from the distinct advantage of being the first property of its kind in the region, The Argyle offers the perfect escape from the cares of everyday life. Surrounded by acres of luscious tea estates, it is the only property within ten-minutes of Hatton Town that extends a luxurious holiday experience, with no other hotels in the vicinity that are on par with its standards of hospitality.

The story behind
our story

The Argyle reflects all the modern luxurious comforts of a highland haven.

The name hails from an era when a Scottish Tea Planter settled in the area, and developed it into tea estates that produced some of the finest Ceylon Tea, popular the world over. The area is currently known as Kuda-Oya.

The inspiration for The Argyle is drawn from various historical characters that were instrumental in shaping the destiny of Scotland over the centuries. As such, our rooms, restaurant and lounge echo the rich background stories of these real-life legends.

Queen Mary’s Dining Room

Inspired by Scotland’s longest standing female monarch, Mary, Queen of Scots, our lavish restaurant offers you an elite dining experience fit for royalty, where you may have anything and everything your heart desires.

Robert Burns Lounge

The poet laureate of Scotland was known for his themes on everyday life, brought to life through humour. Sip on a cup of tea, warm yourself by the fireplace and reminisce the days of old by singing at our Karaoke Lounge, like this famous Scots bard.


The inspiration behind the film “Braveheart”, this bold knight was known for his heroics during the First War of Scottish Independence. Relive the story of Sir William Wallace, when you stay at the Wallace at The Argyle.


Influenced by the story of the 6th hereditary High Steward of Scotland, famed for his bravery at the Battle of Bannockburn in the revolution led by Robert I in 1314, the “Stewart” pays tribute to Walter Stewart.


Robert I of Scotland, King of Scots, more popularly known as Robert the Bruce, was a famous warrior who led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence, fighting successfully during his reign to regain Scotland's place as an independent country. He is revered in Scotland as a national hero and revered by The Argyle at the Bruce.


The Argyle and the Campbell Suite both pay tribute to the lifestyle of Archibald Campbell of Clan Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll.

Celebrated as a hero and martyr for leading the rebellion that was later hailed as a gallant forerunner of the ‘glorious revolution’, this Scottish nobleman stood against the reforms of Oliver Cromwell. Although he was eventually captured and executed for treason, the bravery and dignity in which he conducted himself during his final hours has ensured that the Earl of Argyll has been recognized throughout history as a Scottish legend.


For a quintessential highland experience, come to The Argyle.

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